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How one of my project highlighted at the Closet Show at San Diego 2022 and How my journey started?

Allwood custom maple kitchen with lifetime warranty sounds nice! Think about designing every inch of kitchen and adding all the functionality without compromising the quality and the look. Adding the 2 new focal points and moving the stove to the other wall. Stove cabinet and focal point center cabinet extended out for a nice curve design on the countertop and added a cute cabinet feet under it for a custom look. No filler cut for this framed cabinets installation due to extended panel on the frame. Installers was shocked and he was telling me this is like a puzzle I am only leveling and placing where it should be because I visited job site 4 times even after we place the order. I really like designing and adding fancy tech to all the projects. We added pop up outlet and charging drawer to this project. We also got cabinet lighting with 2 different zone all controlled separately in one remote with 4 separate areas. It was a challenge for my electrician and he also told me he never install this kind of controller before and he asked me to program the remote. I went to job site and did it. My passion is designing the crazy tech and organizer and also installing what I promised to my friends. I called as friends because all of my clients now my coffee friends. I can call them anytime I can visit them anytime. They know I was doing everything with patience. Organizer by organizer, outlet by outlet, lazy Susan at the wall cabinets everything..

This is where you dream someone's kitchen and live there until it installs. After the installation you will see the final as a detailed architectural plan. All of the places I worked before I opened my own shop was telling me "Why are you creating headaches? Why are you adding these details to the project? you already know these will be big problems at the end of the project!" I reply them; A project is not a project if you don't challenge! I always push limits on design and get the most on the installation. I remember couple of times manufacture called me and asked me more details or detailed drawings of what I want. Because nobody challenged them before.

I believe 8-5pm workers I understand people but what I want is not a Money. That's why where I worked before they don't understand me. One time we started everything from scratch and after we start earning they told me you didn't put something to get a share from the company. I told them "I put my architectural experience and design work. If you didn't see I'm not working tomorrow!". Then the boss was asking me if I had a job offer which I didn't know next day when I went to pediatricians for my son near the doctors office I step into a cabinet shop and showed my projects on my bag she will hired me for the next day! I learnt that day experience is the thing not the shop, not the money. I told my self don't scare anyone who think they can get you suffer but you will get more and more at the each steps from the life!

I worked 3 different cabinet showroom as a designer, -showroom manager - project manager etc. even sometimes installer if installer didn't show up! I also worked at biggest manufacturers in US. We were at top 10 cabinet makers nation wide. I was one of the designer there and they asked me 3 times before hiring me; "Are you sure you are applying this job? Because you are over qualify for us!" I worked there to see the settled company with 300 workers. I experienced how is the top of the industry. Learned that with my experience from scratch and I combined it to make it my own with passion. I always believe the portion from GOD deserved to each living creatures in this world. I live with what GOD gives me today. Yes, I make plans and works for the future but I trust and believe what he gives me the right and best amount right now. Yes I like big houses although I'm designing big houses and big kitchens but I always wait for it If there are at my portion.

My design journeys will end with my life. I always go from my idol Architect in Istanbul. She married with Architecture and she was making really beautiful and passionate drawings. I did see at her eyes the real life enjoyments which was not the money. She worked with passion and she respect everyone. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten; M.arch. Serpil Tanker. I will always follow your path!

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